code-944499_640Adobe Animate CC is the new rebranded version of Flash CC, the famous Adobe’s product to create web animation and much more.
This new version allow designers and developers to create web animation using Javascript and Canvas with the ex-Flash tools like symbols, tween, libraries and so on…

During this workshop we’ll se the new features, the new outputs and the best practices to create web animation using Adobe Animate CC


  • Intro: what’s new in Adobe Animate CC
  • HTML5 Canvas: the new document type
  • Creating a new composition
    • Symbols: Movie Clips, Buttons and Graphics
    • Timeline, keyframe and labels
  • Working with text (I° section: static text)
  • Javascript and CreateJS: add interaction
    • What’s Create JS: an overview
    • The Code Snippet Panel for HTML5 Canvas project
    • Add interaction: a call-to-action button/movie clip
  • Working with text (II° section: dynamic text)
    • Using web fonts
    • Manage dynamic text with Javascript
  • Publish an HTML5 Canvas composition
    • The HTML file
    • Editing the HTML template
    • The OAM file type.
  • Manage audio files in Animate CC
  • Responsive Web Design: make your composition responsive with Javascript
  • Creating animations with interoperability: mange Javascript within and outside the composition

Duration: 12 hours (6 hours in 2 days)

Teacher: Fabio Bernardi

Where: Online (skype) / Live (customer site)


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