urlPhonegap is one of most famouse framework to build hybrid mobile apps in HTML5.

Recently Adobe realized the Phonegap Desktop App for Windows and Mac!

By this app you can create a project without using Terminal or Cordova/Phonegap CLI.

The app is very useful because it works together with the same app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Create and test an app became an easy process. So let’s see the main steps:

In according with the guide:

  1. Download and install the new PhoneGap Desktop app, which is currently in beta. If you want more detailed instructions on how to install and use the app, follow the full guide in documentation.
  2. The PhoneGap Developer app is available for multiple platforms, and will get you running your PhoneGap project on your mobile device without code-signing or compiling.
    You will pair this mobile app to the desktop app in step 4 to preview your new app. It’s available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  3. To begin, open the PhoneGap Desktop app (that you installed in step 1), and create a new project.


Here it is a videotutorial about Phonegap Desktop (italian)

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